Our Support Services




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The work we do and the commercial support services we provide are designed and built around the wants and needs of the client base and our in-depth knowledge of the industry we serve. Our approach is pragmatic and realistic, offering genuine hands-on assistance and a total commitment to delivering results and achieving targets.




Whether you are looking for someone to support the preparation and planning or to get actively involved in driving the business forward, we have the capability and experience to help.




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Planning and Evaluating

Market entry strategies
Commercial due diligence
Business plans
Market Quantification
Competitor Evaluation
Commercial Partner assessment
Company growth strategies
Client feedback and analysis



Networking and launch events
Identifying and building commercial partnerships
On the ground client support and liaison
Engaging with potential clients
Event participation and representation
Customer targeting and sales development
Presentations and panel participation
Resource recruitment, management and development
Co-ordinating and supporting cross industry collaboration




If the support you are looking for is not covered in the above listing why not reach out anyway. The chances are if we cannot help we will know and trust someone that can.




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